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When I was a child.

In the summer of 2003, when I was 13 years old, it was the first time that I seriously want to write down my feelings. Then I went to a stationery store to buy my first journal and start my first chapter. I never think about that I have written for 16 years, and it’s still keeping on.

About my life, about my thoughts, feelings and reflections. I will all write them down. It made me feel that I’m not lonely and made me feel happy.

In 2007, my grandma is gone. It was my first time that writing the journal and suddenly cried. I was afraid, if one day I leave this world, would I still remember what happened in my life? From that on, I cherish every day of my life and write down my every big or small experience and emotions.

Keep a journal — an attitude towards life.

If you ask me what the journal means to me, I will tell you that it is the most important part of my life. Because I have recorded my own friends and family, I have collected my own memories, I feel the life has become more meaningful. I won’t afraid of the time passing and I have kept all my experiences. From the day I start writing a journal, I feel no longer lonely. I take it as one of my friends and whatever I’m happy or sorrow, it will always accompany with me.

With the development of science and technology, more and more people begin to get used to typing, and gradually put down their pens. But I still keep a record of my life with pen and paper for more than ten years. This feeling of writing on paper make me feel real about my life.

Finally, my brand was born.

Sometimes, I think about if more and more people in the world start using my handmade journal, how wonderful it will be. This idea has been hidden in my heart for many years. Until 2016, when I quit my boring job. I decided to begin to fulfill my wishes and begin to make journals by myself and send them to people all over the world. This is a very meaningful thing for me, and I don’t care how much my journals can sell. I just hope all the receivers will feel happy.

Then, my brand was born. It’s called UNIQUE HM&LN. The full name is unique handmade leather notebook. The idea of brand communication is to let the best journal accompany with the best person like you.


I’m working hard to make the best journal for you.

In fact, journal is a very personal carry-on item, and it need to be kept for a long time, even a whole life. Therefore I think handmade will be the best. 2 reasons: first is that handcrafted journals are more exquisite than machine. Second is handcrafted journals are more soul-rich.

It’s actually quite interesting to use cowhide as the leather hardcover. Because the leather is very durable. Not only keeping for a long time, but also changing the color. The more you use it, the more you feel that the journal traces of time,sedimentation belongs to your memories.

This is a brand of 100% handcrafted leather journals. Maybe its existence is insignificant, but I really hope if one day you are using the journal of my brand, you can enjoy it.

I think it will be a brand that accompanies with me to grow up, and a brand that I will insist in no matter how old I live. Imagining more and more journal lovers start using my brand and recognize my products. I think my life is valuable.

Welcome to contact me.

At last, I want to introduce myself.

I’m Carsion Huang, a person love writing stories. I will gradually write stories on my blog. Hoping you will like my stories. Also, if you feel sorrow, or you want someone to comfort you, you can write e-mail to me, I will reply you earnestly.

My e-mail: carsion2012@gmail.com

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