Fog wax cowhide

What’s Fox Wax Cowhide?

It belongs to genuine leather. Fox wax cowhide is also called wipe wax cowhide. There is a thin layer of frost-like fox wax covered on the cowhide. Cortical fibers are compact and it is a kind of cattle hide that can be kept long.

The characteristics of fog wax cowhide.

It will appear in a messy style if using hand to rub the surface and the wax will come off. Dry throwing allows the waxiness to go deeper into the leather. And the dry polishing degree determines the size of color.

Example: if using for a long time, even you haven’t dry polishing it, the color will also be dark because the waxiness has already been absorbed by the cowhide.

If you don’t like the light color, dry throwing it into the depth is also beautiful. The hand feeling of the fog wax cowhide will be always good.

Dry throwing can be understood as wiping with your fingers or with a dry cloth.

Fog wax cowhide is widely used in handcrafted products, such as journals, wallets and bags.

The fog wax on the surface will be worn off slowly during use. Enjoy it as you will find some small changes when using. This is an amazing process. Because the rubbed wax traces are not uniform, the old feeling will be full of literary and artistic flavor.

Therefore, the longer it takes, the more you will like this unique fog wax product that belongs entirely to you.

For maintenance.

Fog wax cowhide does not require special careful maintenance as the white wax is the most basic protective layer. In the using process, human skin oil slowly penetrates into it, which is the disguised surface maintenance.

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